Thursday, 23 April 2009

Roy Keane moves to Ipswich.

The 37 year old singer-songwriter Roy Keane has been appointed as the new boss of Ipswich. Roy (short for Roymond) has already made one of his classic blunders, mispronouncing the word Ipswich at his very first press conference. He screamed: “Citizens of Biscuit. Hear my words. I am Roy Keane. And I bring you FIRE!” To everybody’s surprise a low-budget pyrotechnics display began climaxing with Roymond setting light to an F.A. rulebook and hurling it at the journalists.

 It’s certainly a bold statement and I for one think this is exactly what “the Nippers” need to launch them into the Premiership.

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Anonymous said...

fantastic post. Roymond is precisely what the Nippers need to bring Premier League football to their humble ground 'Vesuvius' Bowels'.

Hopefully his unorthodox training methods, such as 'kick-a-pedestrian-in-the-shins-and-run', will bring new life to a team generally considered stultifying.