Monday, 22 September 2008

Nick Nolte to play Ian Rush

The wait is over. IMDB reported yesterday that Nick Nolte will play Ian Rush in the controversial film about his life on and off the pitch. A drunken Nolte was spotted heckling in the audience at Saturdays game, possibly picking up a few tips.

The film which will be in French with English subtitles is rumored to be a grueling 4 hours long. Rush, who famously saved a goal in an important match, has had very little to do with the process. He told reporters "I've had very little to do with the process."

Rush's off-match antics earned him a huge amount of press attention in the late nineties. He's popularly credited for the now banned post-match tradition of "Swan-rocketing". A game that eventually landed him with a hefty fine from the RSPCA and a lifetime ban from the boating lake in Harlow, Essex.

The disgusting Rush will feature briefly in the film, playing an angry fan who attacks Nick Nolte. Many fear it'll be too close to the bone considering he punched every mirror he walked past for the vast majority of his career in an act he referred to as "grounding".

No title has been announced for the film, perhaps readers of The Footballs would care to hazard a guess.


Best Regards said...

I reckon the film will be called 'An ill-fated brush with Rush'. Or 'Rushin to the bathroom'.

Either way, I look forward to sitting down with a bowl of minstrels and catching the flick.

May I say though it's a shame you've expressed such a lamentable attitude towards Rush because he was a triffic sportsman and something of a hearthrob. A real man's man.
The 'Swan-rocketing' fiasco was blown wildly out of proportion by the press. Swans are dangerous beasts at the best of time. A good friend of mine had his nose broken by a pair of them.

Anyway, best of luck with the film!


Reda said...

I want to bring you off on his furry tache.

Serge Ego Haw said...

This movie sounds abominable. I'd certainly 'bum rush' that show!

Lance said...

bRush Strokes

SGField said...

Strangely, a lottery-funded short film to document the 'swan rocketing' incident is planned for a 2009 release, with a working title of Rush Hour 3: Birds of a Leather.

The film boasts a thrilling climax where an unruly swan, played by the boil-faced Bobby Davro, is volleyed into the jaws of a cannon by Rush, played by Jackie Chan.

Filming was momentarily halted when the rozzers were called to the scene after an anonymous tip-off. It was claimed an inebriated Rush arrived on set with 2 dead swans under his arms roaring, "I'll fuck 'em and eat 'em".

The film is due for a release, as was Rush, on a 2 year suspended sentence.